moving day

I’ve been a bad, bad, blogger. So I need to send you all a BIG, FAT, sorry! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. There is a good reason behind me being AWOL. We moved! Closer to ANTHEM style + gift too (6 ½ miles closer, but I’ll take it!).

Luckily, I was able to get into the shop before the big day, so I picked up some essentials to ensure my move was stylish, obviously. PRIORITIES.

I wanted to make sure I felt like I was in workout gear to keep me motivated, butnot look like I was actually working out. An outfit to be able to run out and grabsome beers for my moving crew (friends, and friends of friends… fancy), and not look like a total mess!

This Suburban Riot tee and pair of leggings was exactly what I was looking for. I mean can you really go wrong with anything that says “GOOD VIBES” on it? I was oozing positivity for our stressful move. And the tee… softest thing EVER… I wanted to sleep in it. And I mean… I killed it during the move… I was a weekend warrior for sure.

As for the Clear Weather sneakers, I loved these because they’re chunky and substantial, so it was perfect for lifting heavy boxes and furniture to make sure my feet were protected. But bonus, they’re still super cute to run errands in, go out for drinks with the girls, or pick up your kid from school!

I can’t wait to repeat this outfit and pair it with other fun fall stuff from ANTHEM style + gift. And hopefully never again for another move!





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    Who can rock a cool look while moving? If you know her, you would instantly say Casey! Anthem has made it so easy for her to shine.

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