brand obsession // deWolfe Leather Goods

brand obsession // deWolfe Leather Goods

A bag can make or break an outfit. Unfortunately, finding a bag that can work for practically any outfit is a seemingly impossible task. Gina deWolfe’s collection of leather backpacks flawlessly combines fashion with function.

A Massachusetts native, deWolfe has been an aspiring fashion designer since she was just sixteen years old when she handmade her first fabric backpack- which got her the recognition she needed to start her collection. Not even having graduated high school and already selling her backpacks to boutiques was no small feat. Contracting Lyme disease did not stop deWolfe’s progress. While bedridden, deWolfe channeled her creativity to work with new materials, including leather. deWolfe continued to experiment with leather until she successfully created her first prototype- a backpack- aptly dubbed a 'Wolfepack'. After perfecting it, she began to sell it to other boutiques and her business began to grow.

deWolfe has also recently expanded her line to include wallets, bracelets, and key fobs which add a subtle yet trendy accent to any outfit. deWolfe now has a production team working with her and all of her bags and small leather goods are handmade in Boston, Massachusetts. These stylish pieces make an excellent addition to every closet.

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photo: holly rike @ The Improper Bostonian



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